Monday, September 07, 2009

Electronica update

Electronica can be pretty sexy, as long as one is discerning and doesn't get too caught up in genre-warfare. It is very easy to point out blatantly obvious mistakes in this domain, so I'll try to focus this post on how you can GROW your attractiveness with a few select purchases.

In essence, it would be a good idea to get hold of these relatively recent releases:

The Field - From here we go to sublime
Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
Lucky Dragons - Dream island laughing language

These albums are all intriguing in different ways. They establish interesting atmospheres and moods, and play with unexpected directions and sounds.

Better yet, what these little gems will do is enable you to make connections with wonderful people. Forget what other small coincidences may crop up ("Oh my gosh, I LOVE *insert rubbish TV show or whatever here* TOO! How FUNNY!!"); if you realise one of these albums is a shared interest, you'll know you've FOUND your life partner and can start drawing up marriage contracts right now, or non-heteros can figure something else out if you live somewhere backward, like Australia, where same-sex unions are not adequately recognised.

The songs may also recall days of dancing in forests in the summertime, or dust clouds at Rainbow Serpent. Neither of those things are especially bad in my opinion, but each to their own.

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Blogger Marc said...

And I would have to say Drowning In A Sea Of Love by Nathan Fake too.

6:34 AM  

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