Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Blowing all rules pertaining to jazz absolutely OUT of the water is fab, fab, fab, fab Alice Coltrane, of whose albums I think any number is permitted, but maybe just leave one as a download to avoid having a full back-catalogue.

That track 'Paramahansa Lake' from Huntington Ashram Monastery is so amazing it almost gives me synaesthesia.

My boyfriend would probably be too busy watching quixotic all-female musicals to get really into Alice Coltrane, but I did recently send him three of her albums and I'm confident that they will make him more attractive.

Anyway, do we need to think about moving with the times and starting Embarrassing Downloads, or shall we remain purists to the core?

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Blogger Marc said...

I think we do need to move with the times:

How many mp3s by a certain artist is one allowed to have? Is it worse to have paid for the download? (I'd say yes.)

I am quite ugly, having heard only one Alice Coltrane track ever. I think.

11:10 PM  
Blogger peter said...

The problem is that rummaging through somebody's downloads just doesn't have the same snoop value.

What do a bunch of digital files reveal about commitment to an artist? Who knows whether the files were bought or just copied??

The information, and hence the capacity to judge, just ISN'T there!!

Are we losing the ability to choose partners based on their music collections? Has technology killed Embarrassing LPs???

UNLESS we look at what's on somebody's iPod...

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

8:52 PM  

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