Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sexism Warning

Females with guitars as rock artists. Complex issue. Sometimes good. Sometimes assessed only by A&R men by how they'd look in FHM, in a way that all-male bands are not, due to guitars being just as much a fetish object as women.

The Embarrassing LPs assessment:

Is woman in a band or is she a solo act?

This still defines nothing. However...

Is the band entirely made up of blokes apart from the lead singer?

Yes. (e.g. Sleeper, No Doubt) 1 album preferably. 2 album maximum. Please note My Bloody Valentine: Belinda Butcher was not the lead singer and Debbie Goodge played bass. Also The Sugarcubes had Magga on keyboards too. Throwing Muses also get mad props for not being full of muso blokes.

If a solo act, does she mine the "FeistyTM" marketing line?

Yes. Maximum 1 album if from the 1990s on. e.g. Sheryl Crow. Aimee Mann would not count as she is not "FeistyTM".

1980s: If the hair is big, 0 albums. If hair is relatively cool, 1 album. Ergo Pat Benatar, 1 album is OK.

1960s-1970s: maximum of 5 albums but depends on quality and longevity of career. Thus Joni Mitchell can fill out the maximum. Mary Hopkin is unlikely to be able to. Yoko Ono solo stuff would be about 2 albums.

If a band is all female and "FeistyTM", what then?

Refrain from buying Lillix and Dixie Chicks CDs.

How about Riot Grrrl?

2 albums per band. I would recommend that the better Riot Grrrl-esque bands are electronic now though (Chicks On Speed and Le Tigre for example).

I would heartily welcome a similar post on all-bloke bands.