Thursday, December 08, 2005


I take offence to an overabundance of mid/late-90s-Australian-heavy-Triple J-airplay-'alternative'-post-grunge. As a general rule, I go by the "one is plenty" notion.

In the consideration of some specific bands, let's commence with You Am I. I swear, despite all the platitudes, they really weren't that good. More than one disc is total no-no land, and even one needs brushing off with a "hey I was still in high school / university".

Same goes for Silverchair (are they currently capitalising their name?), but I will allow one album sans-excuse. After that comes a whole lot of thin ice though.

I was thinking about Grinspoon today and decided, yep, one.

Regurgitator, The Mavis' and Spiderbait follow suit.

I can't abide by Jebediah, and Eskimo Joe shouldn't really be cropping up, oh OK maybe one.

The Superjesus: ummmm... none. No wildcard can save this band either.

Underground Lovers get a very generous allowance of two discs, mainly because that Losin' it song is so, SO great... and they have only a tenuous link to this category anyway.

In total, this entire category should be represented by no more than 10 discs. I was a little generous because supporting local music does win some points, as long as you don't talk the talk too much.