Saturday, May 12, 2007


The current single from Travis, 'Closer' is dreary rubbish. From the Paris, Texas reference in their name, and the intellectual-lite album titles (The Man Who and The Boy With No Name), what Travis perceive themselves to be has often been at odds with what they sound like.

It wasn't always this way. Their first album, Good Feeling, has some cracking songs on there: 'U16 Girls' and 'Happy' are the first to spring to mind. The Man Who is more of a mixed bag. It is super-pretentious with rubbish French lyrics in 'The Last Laugh of the Laughter' and tedious with 'Turn', the chorus of which repeats the word "turn" too many times to remember. It has some fairly decent material with 'Driftwood' and 'The Fear'.

Lately though, the captains of the dullard industry, Razorlight (0 albums permitted by the way) have stolen Travis' crown.

I will allow Good Feeling and reluctantly The Man Who into anyone's collection but no more than that.

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