Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jangly, sparse

Neutral Milk Hotel's In the aeroplane over the sea wins huge attractiveness points because (A) who even knew about it when it was first released? and (B) it still sounds so fresh and relevant and life-changing ten years on, despite those ten years having evaporated into an obscure sense of "why the hell did I ever date him/her" and also in spite of the album's frequent mentions of, um, bodily fluids.

If a life partner has that album, it would cancel out several mistakes along the lines of accidentally having bought the first, and MAYBE even second, Killers or Kings of Leon CDs, before it was made so abundantly clear just how lame those two bands are.

Gravenhurst is another band that are interesting enough to make somebody else attractive. Really great. Owning The Western Lands would make amends for a host of sins, and may even have a dampening effect on the camp coefficient (ie. you could own ONE more Kylie CD). It wouldn't have an impact on the number of albums by lesbian singer/songwriters one should own, however, because that's a different playing field altogether.

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