Sunday, November 13, 2005

French Disko

The type of person I am, no doubt you can imagine me having fitful sleep, wondering about the issues of the day: war, corporate greed, pestilence, famine, how many French house albums are allowed in a record collection.

Needless to say, there isn't a lot I can do about the first few, but French House albums, I do know. In fact, I'm not *just* going to look at French House but the whole Air thing too.

Daft Punk - Two classic albums have been released by Monsieurs Bangalter & de Homem-Christo. Homework is a classic that, I am so embarrassed, I do not own, though in my defence I do own the original CD release of "Da Funk/Musique". The other classic is Discovery, which is much housier, and one should not be put off by the sports highlight favourite "One More Time".

Air - Are great. I have a bit of an aversion to 10,000 Hz Legend but generally, the rule with Air is: the entire Source back catalogue is fine, but not Air Barrico: City Reading or Premieres Symptoms. If either of these are present, one Source album must be removed. The Virgin Suicides score still counts as a Source album. Remix albums do not, and in fact Everybody Hertz is a waste of time.

Etienne De Crecy - a.k.a. Super Discount. Only one album.

Alex Gopher - unnecessary.

Phoenix - are not all that and so the Alex Gopher rule applies.

That's everybody in the whole Orange scene and Daft Punk taken care of.

F-Communications is a massive force in techno/house and Laurent Garnier is quite rightly revered. But that is the dance floor. At home, really, how many Laurent Garnier albums do you need? I would limit this to a generous three. And though Mr. Oizo (he of "Flat Beat" fame) released Analog Worms Attack on F-Comm. I would say that this is spurious at best.

*Addition* And nobody needs a whole Modjo album either.